Get involved

Get involved and share some positivity during isolation!

Step 1

Create something epic!
Have you been busy baking? Perhaps you’ve taken some awesome photographs of your pet? Maybe you’re a creative and you’ve been working on some commissions or you’re just crafting for fun. Whatever it is, keep making or create something brand new!

Step 2

Take a photo of your creation!
Grab a camera or your phone and take a photo of your artwork; you can choose whether to be in the photo or just take a photo of it by itself. Just make sure the photo is clear and we can see what it is you’ve made.

Step 3

Share your photo with us!
All you have to do is share your photo on social media and use the hashtag #FromLockdownWithLove. *By using the hashtag we’ll be able to see it and add your artwork into our virtual gallery for everyone to see!

You can also tag our social accounts:
Twitter – @From_Lockdown
Facebook – @FromLockdownWithLove
Instagram – @fromlockdownwithlove

Message of love – Include a message of love / hope / unity with your creation. Be it for your family, friends or just to put a smile on a stranger’s face, write something special for those who see your work.

Once you’ve shared, we’ll share your post on our social channels so everyone can see what you’ve been making!

*Please note your privacy settings on your social media accounts may halt your pictures showing on our website feed.